How to make a great travel slideshow video

Let your memories travel even after your adventurous trip. Share your exciting experiences using Selfanimate video album templates.

People make travel slideshow videos for a number of reasons. Some want to preserve their memories, some want to share them, and some want to inspire their peers. Whether you have similar or different reasons, making a video with pictures of your latest wild adventure or chill vacation does not have to be a difficult affair. Here are a few tips, a step-by-step process, and templates to help you make your travel slideshow video easily without any app or complicated software.


Tips to make a great travel video

Don’t try to include everything
When we’re on vacation, we tend to click pictures of everything we see and everything we do. So naturally, we end up with hundreds of pictures including selfies, landscape shots, photos of food, landmarks, portraits, people, and many more. But it’s also natural that you can’t show every picture to people. They’ll get bored and probably think of you as braggy, or worse — annoying. So when making your slideshow video, try to avoid repetitive and unnecessary shots. Pick the best ones from your pile and focus on them instead of trying to fit everything.

Make a series
If even after cutting out unnecessary pictures, you have more than you can fit in one video, make a travel video series. Share your story in two or three parts over a period of time. That way you don’t overwhelm your viewers and they actually anticipate the next part with eagerness. But don’t wait too long between these posts or the excitement would fade away. Tell one story over several parts, a different story in each part, or a day-wise video series.  But whatever you do, make it a story worth watching. And that brings us to the next tip.

Make it a story worth watching
Instead of just throwing in pictures at random, turn it into a comprehensible story. Think about what you want the viewers to know about this trip. Maybe something interesting happened, maybe something unexpected and amazing happened. Also, when you’re on the trip, try to think about what kind of story you want to tell and plan your shots accordingly. And again, don’t worry about fitting everything. Stick to one story and see it through. You want your viewers to gain a coherent perspective about your magical vacation, and telling a story is important to that effect.

Share experiences
Use photos that show you or your family doing things. Pictures of landmarks and monuments are nice, but they can be looked up on Google. What you gathered on the trip were experiences. So include pictures in which you are playing in the sea, sky diving, trekking, talking to strangers, dancing, shopping at a local store, or doing whatever it is that you did. Try to share experiences rather than pictures of standing in front of a famous building. This would make your video interesting and viewers would enjoy it that much more.

Music music music
And don’t forget about the music. The music of your video should match its story and tone. A mismatch between these can dull the effect you desired to create. So be sure to choose your music with as much care as you put in making the rest the video.

Keep it simple
Don’t overthink it. Just reminisce and pick the best storyline and the best pictures. You’ve probably decided already. So dive in and have fun!


How to make a travel slideshow video

Select a template
Go to Under Make Video > Personal, there is a collection of pre-made video templates that you can customize. Select the one you like, and click on Use Now. You’ll be prompted to log in or sign up. You can do both with one click if you use your Facebook/Google account. But you can also sign up by registering your email address and creating a password. And when you have logged in, you can start customizing your template.

Customize and Produce
Make the template your own by adding your own colors, text, pictures, music, and voice over. Preview each frame to be sure of your changes and click on Make Video Now to render it. The link to your awesome travel video would be delivered to your email inbox in a few minutes.

Sharing your video with others is equally easy. You can instantly post it on social media directly from Selfanimate, download it on your device, send it via email, or copy the shareable link.

Customize this template


Customize this template


Customize this template


Customize this template


Customize this template


Hope you enjoy making your travel slideshow video as much as you enjoyed the vacation itself. Do share a link to it in the comments below. We would love to be a part of your adventure!

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