Make personalized video wishes on your own

If you’re one of those nice people who like to send wishes on special occasions to friends and family, then this blog post is for you. But have you noticed how impersonal, mechanical, and altogether unsatisfying sending forwarded wishes feels? We certainly have, and that’s why we want to show you a better way to stay connected with your friends, family, colleagues, and clients. So what’s better than impersonal and mechanical? Personalized and thoughtful! And the only medium that is adept at making a personal connection in little time is video. Creative and thoughtful video wishes are the way to go in the new digital world where people are just tired of stale methods. But don’t worry, going beyond them is not difficult. You can make personalized video wishes on your own easily and quickly with Selfanimate. Read on to find out how.


Why make video wishes

They really are heartfelt

Everyone likes to be loved and to feel like someone did something special for them. And you can be that someone. Think about the kind of impact you would have on people if you make a, say, birthday video wish for them. It would definitely turn up the brightness of their day. Because no one really makes the effort these days. People mechanically send and receive wishes without giving it much or, sometimes, any thought. And that’s why these end up in the digital garbage bin. It’s time you made wishes on your own! Like you used to when you were a kid. All those heartfelt greeting cards you used to cut out, draw, and scribble on. But you can do it still. Only digitally, for the new digital world! Videos that are personal, that reflect your sincerity, and come straight from your heart.


They don’t take as much time as you think they do

If this is you right now: “Okay, but making a video on my own is going to eat up all my time.” Think again. Because making a video on Selfanimate takes only minutes. A lot less than it would take to scour the net for relevant content. You can say what you actually want to say and wrap it in a beautiful video in a matter of a few minutes. Selfanimate renders a video in seconds and allows you to share directly on social media or with select people. So your time = saved.


Inspiration at the ready

You’ve decided you want to make your own video wish but what exactly do you want in it? You have no idea! Now, it’s okay to not have any idea. Just go on the platform, and look around. There are tons of templates to help you figure it out and get your creative juices flowing.


Connect in style

Suppose a festival is coming up and you’re thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice to send wishes to my clients and employees?” It certainly would be! But then, do you want your wish to clutter up their email and eventually end up in the trash with several others’? Of course not. You want to stand out. And personalized video wishes can make you. The recipients will open their email and find an interesting piece of media. [Tip: they are even more likely to open the email if the subject line has the word ‘video’ in it.] It’ll surprise, delight, and impress them to watch something you especially created for them. They’ll feel cared for, which is exactly what you want to convey to the people you send wishes to in the first place. Creating unique videos will help you connect with them better, not to mention in style.


How to make video wishes

Select a template

Go to and browse our collection of pre-made, ready-to-customize video templates. Depending on your need and occasion, select the one you like the most and click on Use Now. It’ll take you to the customization page where you’ll be prompted to log in or sign up to start editing your template. You can do both with just one click by using your Facebook/Google account or by registering your email address and creating a password. Once you’re logged in, start making your video wish.



Colors, font, Layout

In the test frame, change colors, the font of the text, and the layout of the video (landscape or portrait) according to your preferences. These changes would be automatically applied to each frame of the video.



Add your own words to make your wish feel authentic by typing in the text placeholder. If, however, you like what is already written, simply leave it be and that text would appear as is. You can also delete this placeholder altogether by clicking on the dustbin icon beside it. Make sure to preview each frame to see how your changes look before proceeding.



Make your wish special and personalized by adding images from your own library. Click on the image placeholder to replace the already-placed picture with your own. You can upload the images from your device, select from the images you’ve already uploaded in your personal Selfanimate image library, or browse for stock images then and there. Preview your frames to make sure your pictures look great and proceed to the next step.


Music/ voice over

In the final step, choose a music track from Selfanimate’s music library or upload your own. If you want to wish someone in your own voice, simply upload your voice over in this step and preview your video before producing.


Produce and Share

When you’re satisfied with the previews of the frames and are ready to produce your video, click on Make Video Now. Your video would be ready in a few minutes and its link would also be delivered to your email inbox. Then share it directly on social media from Selfanimate, download on your device, send via email, or copy the shareable link. Your video would be saved in your Selfanimate account and hosted on Selfanimate as well, so you can watch or share it again anytime you want.

Have fun with it!

Customize this template


Customize this template


Customize this template


Customize this template


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