Make special, personalized birthday videos for that extra special day

Birthdays are fun and exciting. And you can make them even more fun by making birthday videos. Whether it’s your own birthday, your little one’s birthday, your parent’s, or your friend’s, video can make it special and memorable. The thoughtfulness, effort, and love put into it speaks for itself.

How to make birthday videos with pictures and music

There’s no need for complicated software or video editing skills to make your own birthday video with pictures and music. Selfanimate has pre-made templates that you can customize as much as you need to right in your browser. Just go to and follow these simple steps.

Select your template

In the Personal templates section under Make Video, browse the collection of video templates and choose the one you like. Click on Use Now to start customization. You’ll be prompted to log in or sign up (if you haven’t already). You can sign up with your Facebook/Google account or email and password.


You can completely change the look and feel of the template by customizing it to suit your unique taste.

Colors, Font, View

In the test frame, change colors, the font of the text, and the view of the video (landscape or portrait). These changes would be automatically applied to all the video frames; you can come back and change them again if you wish before producing the video.

Text and Images

Bring your birthday video to life with text and images. Preview each frame to make sure everything looks just like you want it to.

Tip: If you don’t have material for any placeholder in any frame, simply delete that placeholder by clicking on the dustbin icon (in case of text) or cross icon (in case of an image) beside it.

Tip: You can edit an image in the template editor by hovering over it and clicking on Modify.

Music/voice over

Often for birthday videos, music is the best part. Select a track from Selfanimate’s collection or upload your own. You can also add a voice over of your own, and you know what that means. It’s time to sing ‘Happy Birthday to you…’ at the top of your lungs!


Produce and Share

When you’re satisfied with your work, click on Make Video Now to render it. Your video would be ready in a few minutes. You can download your video on your device, share instantly on social media, send it to people via email using the ‘scheduler’ feature, or copy the shareable link.


Birthday video ideas and templates

Now that you know how to create a birthday video, it’s time to dive in and think about ideas and storyboards. Picture the birthday person clearly in your mind and get the creative engine started!


Throwing a party? Use video to set the right mood, make the invitation personal, and stir up excitement. Include important details about the event, use inviting pictures, and tie it together with music.


Customize this template


Customize this template

Wishes/Video Card

Wish them the happiest of birthdays, tell them how much they mean to you, and share your love and cheer to make them feel cherished. Sneak in an inside joke and the best pictures of you two together to make it more personal. And of course, don’t forget the happy birthday song!

Customize this template


Customize this template


Customize this template


Customize this template


Customize this template


Video Album

Want to fit in more pictures and stories? Share relics from the birthday party? Make a slideshow of ‘the year’ to keep forever? Well, look no further because a video album is your answer!


Customize this template


Customize this template


Plan and create the best birthday video ever. Explore more templates by clicking on the button below.


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