Start the excitement early – make videos for your wedding

Wedding season is in full swing, and if you have a wedding in your family, you’re likely stressed out. Wedding planning is no joke, after all. So why not take a break and do something fun — which is still wedding related. By now, you must have seen the megatrend of video unfold everywhere around you. It is the best medium to convey any message, and adding video to your wedding entourage will only make it more memorable.

Ways to add video to your wedding


Even if you don’t want to completely replace the traditional paper wedding invitation card with a video invitation, sending a video to your guests before they receive a formal card is better than calling each person and announcing the event.  It’s creative, fun, and makes people excited to join you on your special day. And the best part is that making a video invitation is as exciting as receiving one!


Customize this template


Customize this template


Customize this template

Your story

When your wedding day starts getting nearer and nearer, reminiscing about your story together is only natural. And sharing that story via video makes your friends, guests, or other social followers join in the love and root for your happy married life. If your guests are familiar with your story and feel emotionally invested (which video is perfect for), they would be at the wedding for you and not just for the food. Which is something to think about, don’t you think?

Customize this template


Customize this template

Wedding Album

When your big day has come and gone and you have your hands full with all the wedding photos, instead of posting individual photos on social media, turn them into a wedding album slideshow. This would save you from becoming ‘that person’ and still showcase all your favorites. Making a wedding album slideshow also helps the people who couldn’t attend the wedding feel like they were a part of it.


Customize this template


Customize this template


How to make your wedding video

Log in to Selfanimate

Log in to your Selfanimate account or sign up with your Facebook/Google account. You can also sign up by using your email address and creating a password.

Make video > Personal

Go to the Personal templates page for wedding templates.

Choose your template

Browse the selection of video templates available and pick the one you like. Click on Use Now to start customization.


There are endless customization options in the Selfanimate template editor. You can change colors, font, text, images, and music/voice over. Customize till everything looks perfect to you, then click on Make Video Now to produce.

Tip 1: Upload all your media in your libraries beforehand to make it readily accessible from the editor.

Tip 2: Preview each frame as you go along in the process.

Tip 3: If, in any frame, you don’t have material for a certain placeholder, delete it by clicking on the dustbin icon beside it.

Tip 4: Have fun


You can share your video instantly on social media, download it on your device, or send it to people via email using Selfanimate’s schedule feature. So everyone can celebrate with you!

Make a wedding video

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