Social distancing & me Greeting Video [10277]

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Create an awesome video on what you did or accomplished today. Capture and share your best Janata curfew social distancing moments. Use the free selfanimate video template.

Working at home or quarantining yourself does not mean that you must disengage with everything and everyone that truly matters to you. You can be indoors, within the comfort of your home, and continue to be the best version of yourself.

The Selfanimate platform is a Do-It-Yourself online video maker that gives you the speed, convenience, and creative freedom to turn your favorite moments into awesome personalized videos. Get the full power of customization to create unforgettable videos of your accomplishments or what you discovered during the recent self-quarantine days.

Selfanimate’s is providing its customers a free pre-built template that you can use to talk about social distancing and you. Create the impact your video deserves – with music, stock photos, and text effects.

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    Tuesday, May 11 21 05:30:00
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