3D Video Greetings for Merry Christmas [50283]

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Create your own animated Christmas video greeting. Share it on WhatsApp and Facebook. Add your name in the Christmas video greeting

Just add your own name and photos to the Christmas video template. Customize text size, color, logo, and text on the video template to create the look you want. Make a video in 5 Minutes. HD Quality Videos.

Merry Christmas 2020! With Christmas just around the corner, it is time you prepared to send some shine to your friends and family. Send a Christmas video message or Santa Claus Videos, where you can add your text, music, and images. These online videos are highly personalized videos and even contain traditional Christmas songs. Make beautiful Christmas videos this festive season and beckon the spirit of Christmas with joy!
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    25 Seconds
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    Monday, May 11 20 12:00:00
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    Min. 3 Minutes || Max. 4 Hours

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