Say it with a video

Who doesn’t love a creative project? We love to be voted the ‘creative person’ of the family or the class. Selfanimate helps you become just that.

Video is one of the most exciting projects to work on. But producing a video can be too technical and, frankly, difficult. That’s why Selfanimate offers beautiful video templates to help you put together an awesome work of art, without the hassle.

To get you started on your exciting journey, here are our ideas of what you can do with Selfanimate templates.


Slideshows are so versatile that you can practically use them for everything. From a college farewell video to a family reunion video, a slideshow has got your back. With stunning transitions and effects, Selfanimate has various templates for your perfect slideshow. Here are more ways you can use them:

  • Wedding album
  • Anniversary video
  • A year in review
  • Photography collection
  • Vacation memories
  • How we met
  • Our life together
  • Baby’s firsts
  • Holiday fun
  • My mom is the best- Mother’s day video
  • My dad is the best- Father’s day video
  • Our grandparents’ anniversary
  • Family picnic
  • Prom video
  • My son’s bar mitzvah
  • My daughter’s quinceanera

The list could, literally, go on and on. So, jump in and make your own additions.


Everyone loves a warm greeting. With technology on your side, you can make it warmer, more communicative and lovelier by using video greetings! That’s right, use the visual medium to convey your deepest regards to your friends, family, colleagues, employees, and clients. Add your unique touch to the templates to create something they’ll truly appreciate.

When can you use these videos?

  • Birthdays
  • Festivals
  • Holidays
  • To say Get well soon
  • To say Congratulations
  • To say I love You


Isn’t it nice to receive a beautiful invitation? You immediately feel the effort and the care put into it, and it makes you feel welcome in turn. Make your guests feel the same way by making an invitation they’ll love. Show off your creative skills at the same time! Video is enticing and memorable, so create invitations no one can decline, with Selfanimate templates. Invite them for:

  • Birthday party
  • House party
  • Company Events
  • Family functions
  • Wedding
  • House warming
  • Get together
  • Pajama party
  • Dinners
  • Family traditions
  • Games
  • School events


Show off your talent, achievements, prized possessions, and more by making a portfolio video. If you’re a professional, you can put those bulky files to rest and showcase your work in an attractive video. Here are some ideas to get your creative instincts going:

  • Photography Portfolio
  • My college achievements
  • Products from my workshop
  • My new thrift finds
  • Look-book
  • My (whatever you collect) collection

There’s lots more to discover, lots more to experiment with and lots more to do with video. Take this megatrend by storm and unleash your full potential with the help of Selfanimate’s professionally designed templates.

Happy creating!

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