Special ways to wish your dad a Happy Father’s Day in 2022

“A Father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow.” – Unknown Even though a father deserves our gratitude and love every day, Father’s Day is celebrated once every year to acknowledge and celebrate the sacrifices and contributions of a dad. It’s a wonderful day and an opportunity to express thankfulness […]

Find the best designs for a caricature-themed wedding invitation

Indian weddings are different from others. They are celebrations that last many days. They are the most cherished milestone events in an individual’s life, that are celebrated by the to-be-weds, their families, and friends. It’s a time full of traditions, emotions, happiness, sumptuous food, greeting, and social sharing. The wedding invitations are highly curated treasures, […]

Keep your customer relationships feeling human with personalized video personalization

With every passing day, the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak seems to be causing more havoc in the global marketplace. Stock markets are crashing, companies are revising their earnings guidance, product launches are getting postponed, global marketing activities and summits are being cancelled, postponed or done virtually. The list goes on. The sustained impact of […]