How to accelerate and retain brand engagement and loyalty during COVID-19?

Any unexpected crisis, such as today’s global pandemic, throws up many challenges for brands to stay in touch with their customers. Often, there’s a scramble to reassess sales and marketing priorities or realign business growth areas. Very shortly, though, there’s a realization that it may be a valuable opportunity to not only capture customer attention […]

Let social distancing help you discover the real you

Nearly 90,000 hours. Over 13 years. Don’t worry. This is not the countdown to the apocalypse. In fact, it is how much time an average person spends at work over a lifetime. For some, the days following the global coronavirus outbreak have been devastating, to say the least. For others, it has completely changed their […]

Keep your customer relationships feeling human with personalized video personalization

With every passing day, the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak seems to be causing more havoc in the global marketplace. Stock markets are crashing, companies are revising their earnings guidance, product launches are getting postponed, global marketing activities and summits are being cancelled, postponed or done virtually. The list goes on. The sustained impact of […]