Build Virality In Social Media With Personalised Social Video Marketing

The complex and uncertain environment of a growing pandemic crisis has forced the global economy to dramatically shift online for survival. Most companies are continuously sensing the changes and redrafting strategies to look at priorities and investments for the coming months and into 2021. A critical focus area for many is in understanding how they […]

Let social distancing help you discover the real you

Nearly 90,000 hours. Over 13 years. Don’t worry. This is not the countdown to the apocalypse. In fact, it is how much time an average person spends at work over a lifetime. For some, the days following the global coronavirus outbreak have been devastating, to say the least. For others, it has completely changed their […]

It’s the season to share the power of video personalization

If you’re tired of sending boring and generic season’s greetings to your loved ones, worry no more. Santa Claus may come yearly. But this year, thanks to Selfanimate, he may be arriving earlier than expected! Surprise your friends, family members, colleagues, bosses, or anyone else with Christmas or New Year message that looks great, but […]