Let’s get personal with the business of personalised video marketing

The success of every marketing team is based on how good they are at telling stories. As a noted historian, Yuval Noah Harari, once said – ‘the only differentiation between human beings and every other species is our capacity to lead our lives based on the stories that we have created ourselves’. In that sense, an impactful story can do more than just sell a product or a service; it can imbibe your brand promise in the minds of customers while creating a long-lasting and mutually-beneficial relationship.

So, with 2020 around the corner, what makes for a good marketing story these days?

First, let’s tackle a more important question. How do customers want to consume your story?

The relevance of video-based content in today’s marketing strategy is a no-brainer. As a future-ready business, video marketing has probably risen to the top of your content priorities. If it hasn’t, what better time than now? Hubspot says that “81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% in 2018”. According to a recent marketing study, “Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.” Whether client testimonials, promotional material for events, product demos, or solution explainers, it is clear that video-based marketing is ruling the content roost.

Now, back to what makes for a good story.

As a marketer, you are competing in a digital battleground where your content fights for the same attention of the customer. Everyone is so connected to multiple narratives, that getting them to listen and engage is harder than ever before. No longer do they have to go looking for content. It comes searching for them at every touchpoint. And the way they consume content has changed too. Just one blink and they may miss your marketing message in the clutter.

But here’s something that hasn’t changed. Your customers are still human, and so are you.

So, how do you think they feel when they receive a generic video message that rattles off the features and benefits? For one, they may not feel valued as a customer because of the impersonal tone in which you are addressing them. However, is it even possible to establish a personal connection with hundreds, if not thousands, of customers at once?

The need of the hour is for you to bridge the human gaps in digital interactions. The trick is not just to care about your customers, but to show them that you indeed do.

It’s why we, at Selfanimate GoCampaign, came up with an automated marketing solution that creates hyper-personalised video experiences to personalise how you do business with each customer.

Selfanimate GoCampaign is a lightweight and dynamic platform through which you can design, customize, and deploy hyper-personalised videos for dynamic marketing campaigns. It comes equipped with custom-developed data-driven video templates that automatically align the right content to the right customer. Without any manual intervention that typically slows down the process, you can deliver multiple hyper-personalised videos to thousands of users at one go, in just a few seconds! You can also use its sweet data science to track video campaign analytics and drive optimal ROI for better customer outreach.

With Selfanimate GoCampaign, you can connect with customers at a personal level and turn every interaction into an enriching, fulfilling, and memorable experience.

More importantly, your story will resonate with them at a human level.

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