Simple and sweet Mother’s Day ideas

Mother’s day is on 12th May this year, which is fast approaching. Moms do so much for us that it seems practically impossible to return the favor or even thank them enough. That’s why Mother’s Day can be a little daunting for everyone. How do you make the woman who loves you the most in this world feel equally loved and appreciated? You can’t. She’ll always do more for you than you do for her, and she already has a long head-start. So the trick to appreciating her is to keep things simple. Just make a sincere effort, and it’ll make her happy for days. So we have rounded up a few simple and sweet Mother’s Day ideas to help you impress your mom.

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1. Give her a break

This Mother’s Day, wake up early and cook a special breakfast for her. See how that lights up her face seeing you did something thoughtful for her first thing in the morning. Even if the breakfast itself is not that good (hey, we can’t all be expert cooks), she would still beam over it as she happily gulps it down. From there, you can go one step further and ask her to relax because you would take care of other chores too. In fact, something you could do that would make her really happy is clean your room. Getting a break from everyday chores and being taken care of would sure feel nice.

2. Make a personalized video

As you might know, DIY gifts really impress moms. The creativity, effort, and thought that goes into making DIY gifts are priceless, especially when it comes from their children. But most DIY gifts are not durable and very difficult to actually make. So how about making something that would last forever and is easy to put together even if you’re not the most crafty? Combine photos, music, and text to create a special video for your mom. A video establishes a connection, it inspires emotions, and it tells a story. You could make a memories montage where you put pictures of growing up with your mom encouraging and supporting you every step of the way. Or make a video with embarrassing pictures from your childhood that, sure, make you cringe but your mom just loves. You could also tell her story with pictures from her adolescence, her marriage, her pregnancy, and with yourself. Or make a sweet video greeting card and say thank you to her for always being there. And if you’re even a little tech savvy, you could add a voice-over at the end of the song saying ‘happy mother’s day’ or ‘love you, mom’. Imagine how cute would that be. Whether you’re with her on Mother’s Day or miles apart, a personalized video would surely delight her.

3. How about a spa day?

Treat your mom to an afternoon of relaxation and pampering by taking her to a spa or a beauty salon. Get massages, get your nails and hair done, and go for ice cream later. It would be a perfect day to spend with your mother and chat youthfully. You could even get her to spill some secrets and stories from her younger days. So find out the best spa in your vicinity and make your plan for a soothing and exciting Mother’s Day.

4. Take her to dinner

If you’re a grown-up, ask your mom out to dinner. Now, it’s mother’s day, so there’s a possibility that getting a table would be hard, so make a reservation beforehand. Take her to a nice restaurant, order the fanciest things off the menu, and enjoy a lovely time with your mother. And of course, don’t let her pay.

5. Pamper Hamper

Fill it up with whatever you think she’ll enjoy. Face masks, candles, bath salts, perfume, books, vintage records, paints, etc. Maybe she had a hobby long ago before you came along. Give her things that would help her rekindle her passion. A pamper hamper is an opportunity to give her things she doesn’t buy for herself because she’s too busy taking care of everything else.

There’s still time to think about how to best celebrate Mother’s Day, but if you’re reading this at the last minute, a video surprise would be the perfect gift. You can even combine some of these ideas, like serving breakfast with a personalized video on the side, and make Mother’s Day that much more special. Find customizable video templates by clicking on the button below!

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