Friendship Day – the 7-simplest ways to celebrate the day

Life is a long and arduous journey for most of us. With all its ups and downs, life creates countless turns and twists that in many ways define who you are as a person. You meet many people along the way, but only some stay with you forever, becoming your priceless possession called friends. Some […]

Make and share the sweetest Ganesh Chaturthi video wish this year

For those who are fond of sweets and merriment, Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner! You must probably be busy planning for the festivities, trying to make it a memorable event. Well, there‚Äôs no need to rack your brains anymore. With Selfanimate, you can make this Ganesh Chathurthi a special and cherished memory even […]

May Lord Krishna fill your home with love, laughter and happiness! Happy Janmashtami

In India, every festival is a joyous occasion bringing hope and cheer into our homes. They demonstrate not only our rich and colourful history but also our diverse culture and traditions. They provide a space to rejoice, connect and revel in the company of friends and family, escaping the humdrum of everyday life and adding […]