Affordable wedding invitation ideas that can put a smile on your face

Indian weddings are only getting more lavish with very passing year. Be it in the display of designer outfits and elaborate jewellery, the exuberant venue decorations, the creative and glamorous stage set-up, the wide-ranging food from different countries, and the likes of it.

And when it comes to wedding invitations which is the first element in any Indian wedding planning, they are becoming less conventional and more innovative as it builds the best impression about the wedding with guests. Indian couples are opting for wedding invitation card designs that are highly creative and customized when compared to traditional invites. And for families who want to maintain tight control over the wedding budget, this is the first line item that needs careful consideration.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly wedding invitations that are unique, beautiful, and memorable, please keep reading.

Wedding invitation decisions to consider

#1. Decide on printed vs digital invite?
Let’s admit: You’ve considered a beautiful, printed wedding invitation card but decided to print limited numbers, or have decided to go with just digital after seeing how simple it is to manage online wedding invitations. Let’s walk you through the drawbacks of a printed wedding invitation.

– With a printed invitation, you would have to either hand-deliver or post each invitation which can be time-consuming and prone to delivery issues.
– Traditional wedding invitation cards do not have a mechanism to receive RSVPs, so your headcount calculations and budgeting is always at risk.
– And in case you increase the invitee list, the printed invites might fall short, and you’d have to get them printed again, which is a headache.

Instead, online wedding invitations are the best choice to create stunning wedding invites. They make your job easier. They cost much lower, make RSVP easier (almost instant), and they can be sent to hundreds of guests with just a few clicks. These digital invitations allow you to get very creative with the styles and designs.

#2. Create online invite yourself or outsource it?
The time before a wedding is hectic for the couple and the families. They usually juggle multiple tasks, have many things to coordinate with family and vendors and ensure all last-minute preparations are on point. When you are running short on time, you need to decide: would you create the wedding invite yourself or outsource it?

The two questions you can ask yourself to help you make a decision are:
1. You have the time to create the wedding invitations yourself. If you have a clear idea of what you want in the invitation, this option is right for you.
2. You are running short on bandwidth or are looking for a good wedding invitation idea. Here, you should seek professional help like Selfanimate, the online wedding video invitation maker, who can support you with custom online wedding invitations as per your specific requirements.

Selfanimate, has two options available:
1. You can create the video invite yourself by choosing a template from the many curated wedding video templates available on the website. Then you can edit the selected template by adding your photos, text, and music, and download the finished invitation instantly.
2. Alternatively, Selfanimate’s experts can customize your wedding invitation based on your theme, style, branding, and so on.

#3. Paid or a free online video invite?
The free video invite templates available online will mostly have limited inventory and functionalities that allow you to edit and customise the invite. Moreover, they may come with the company watermark on your video which may not look ideal. Whereas paid video wedding invite makers let you customize the features such as the images or photos, wedding information, and so on. You can also add your logo and your favourite music track to the video. And it comes without a watermark. Check out some of the ready-made video templates from Selfanimate library of wedding invites.

Traditional Wedding eCard

Contemporary wedding video invite

#4. Create a video invite with live footage.
To make your wedding invitation video more attractive, you can add a video clip of you inviting the guests. This is as real as it can get to a personal invitation in the digital world. For example, instead of using 2D characters or other design elements in the wedding video invite, you could shoot a 10-second video footage of a senior family member like your mom or dad or both. The video footage can be shot using your mobile at no additional cost. Selfanimate experts can then put together the video clip and the rest of the wedding details, to create a highly customized and engaging wedding invite video. A sample video looks like this.

#5. Personalize each invite.
These days people expect everything to be personalized. One way to make your online wedding video invite stand out and make a lasting impression on guests is to personalize each invitation with their name on it. But doing that manually will be a time-consuming and laborious process. Selfanimate can help you personalize each video invite with the guest names using their AI-based cloud technology. Irrespective of the number of guests you have on the list, you can send each one a wedding video invite that looks like it was made just for them.

The RSVP management also becomes seamless as you can integrate the video with the guest’s Google calendar letting them know well in advance of the wedding time and date. This feature can help you plan the wedding better instead of relying on manual confirmations.

In conclusion, answering the above questions will help you analyze and make the best decision when it comes to your wedding invitation. Pick the solution that best suits your needs and financial situation.

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