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After months of hard work and testing, we are thrilled to announce the launch of —  the most affordable online video making platform that is easy to use, fast, shareable, and free!

It started when the creatives at a video production company thought, “Can we make our skills accessible to all?” That thought gave birth to an idea which consumed us for almost a year and a half. We wanted to create a platform that would empower people who have zero technical knowledge but a hundred great ideas; digital marketers, small businesses, and self-promoters who don’t have large budgets to go to video production companies, among others. Keeping all this in mind, and the fact that we didn’t want to limit our user in any way, we began work on Selfanimate. Now, we’re happy to say that we achieved our goal. We have created something that puts the power of the megatrend (video) in the hands of everyone. Now with Selfanimate, anyone can become a visual storyteller.

We have packed our experience and knowledge into the platform which lets the user be free and take charge of the process so that they can unleash their creativity and make a video worth a million hits in a matter of minutes.

Selfanimate has professionally designed video templates which can be customized —  just apply your choice of colors, text, images, and music!


Selfanimate is arguably the world’s most affordable online video making platform. Most templates are priced at $1 or more depending on their complexity, and many are free. We did this keeping in mind small businesses, students, common people, and anyone who doesn’t have a large budget for video projects or campaigns.

Free Storage

Every user gets free 1 GB storage space for their media on the platform. The images and music/voice over uploaded on to the platform once will be stored there until they are removed. So if you see a beautiful picture that you think you can use in a video, store it in your image library! You can use it whenever you want. Same goes with other forms of media.

Best practice tip: upload all your media (that you plan on using in a video) in your library before starting the customization process so that it’s faster and smoother to produce videos.

Easy to Use

We have created Selfanimate so that we can include everyone in video making. There is no need for any technical knowledge, whatsoever, to make your own videos on Selfanimate. Users just have to follow the steps and, soon, you can become a video-making wizard.

Share Instantly

You can share your handiwork or your marketing effort directly on social media with one click. You can also share your video with people on email using the ‘scheduler’ feature. It lets you choose a date and time for sending it out.

We hope you have a wonderful experience using Selfanimate, as we had creating it. But this is not all, we’re working to introduce more features and editing powers. Subscribe and stay tuned for updates!

Happy creating!

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