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People want more video content (HubSpot), especially from brands (HubSpot). Consumer preferences heavily affect marketing trends, and direct marketing efforts. So as HubSpot puts it, ready or not, video is here. But the fact is that video has been here for quite some time and has seen continuous growth over the past few years. Marketers have powered up to cash in on this megatrend. If you are not one of those, it’s time to join the club. Video is predicted to grow even more in 2019, with more and more businesses going all in. It no longer matters whether you’re a small business or a multi-national corporation, you need video. Period.

But while on one hand, increasing number of marketers intend to use video in their efforts, on the other, a significant number of them find video to be the most difficult type of content to create. It could be for various reasons, from difficulty in coming up with strategies to budget constraints. But, hopefully, Selfanimate users will face less problems creating videos.

So, how can you take advantage of the platform as a business user? Here are some of our ideas to get you started.

Logo introduction

Whether you run a personal blog, a YouTube channel or a business, logo introductions can make the first impression that become the difference between engagement and nonchalance. In the content cluttered digital world, wowing your audience at the beginning gives you a clear advantage. It acts as a hook to catch your audiences’ attention, and once they’re hooked, you can safely lead with your best content. Logo introductions also differentiate you from your competitors by making you look more professional and impressive. The good news is that Selfanimate has a variety of logo reveal templates that you can browse, select from and make your own logo introduction in minutes.


Have a sale coming up? New products in your store? New features in your product? Or anything else that’s exciting? Make promo videos easily with the help of Selfanimate templates, and share them on social media instantly. Promos are great for creating a buzz and getting necessary information out in a fun way.

Event teaser

Get more people to sign up and attend your events by making an event teaser or save-the-date video. Clearly mention what your event is about, who the speakers are and what the venue is. Chances are that after watching the video, more leads would click on your call to action.

Timeline video

Use this video to tell your story. These videos look great at the start of important company events, like a company anniversary party. You can also use this video to recap your year on social media or introduce your company in a visually appealing and memorable way.


Show off your company’s personality in a video profile. More often than not, consumer decisions are affected by a brand’s personality. Presenting yourself in an interesting video can impress and attract potential customers.

Product explainer

Watching a video about a product that we’re considering to buy helps us take that decision faster and with confidence. In fact, consumers today look for product videos online before making the purchasing decision. In this video, clearly highlight your product’s best features and explain how it works.

We’ve made categories on the platform to simplify your search and access of templates but don’t tie yourself to categories when it comes to video. It’s all about experimenting and taking it to the next level. Which is why these templates, though categorized under specific types, can be used for different occasions and needs. Just customize them accordingly and you’ll have brand new videos every time. Here’s the chance to boost your marketing wholeheartedly with the power of video.

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