As your business grows, so does your customer data. Maintaining true connections and loyalty with customers is a necessity for any business but can be a nightmare for the sales and marketing teams, especially in an overcrowded marketplace.

Selfanimate with its dynamic video campaign platform -- GoCAMPAIGN, helps you build better customer engagement, drive higher conversions and improve brand loyalty through individualized videos. Now you can create personalized experiences that connect with each user in a unique way and increase their attention to your message and brand.

Selfanimate GoCAMPAIGN videos are tailored for specific audiences or occasions by putting customer data to work. It allows you to import and merge individual data into a personalized video format, to deliver exceptional customer experiences that sell. GoCAMPAIGN empowers you to personalize the videos not just at an individual level but allows you to create hundreds or thousands of unique and compelling videos in one go. Now you can connect with each recipient at an individual level, driving optimal ROI for your campaigns.

Steps to create dynamic video campaign


Create video

Every company and department will have a unique requirement and most pre-made video templates available online are limiting and time-consuming to learn and execute. Selfanimate with its core at video making, can assist with developing the custom video template for your specific need – right from ideation, storyboarding, scripting, execution and post production. We can do it all and in quick time to match your campaign timeline.

Customize the data for use

Go beyond generic curated content for your marketing campaign video with specific data and information. GoCAMPAIGN tools easily connect with your CRM, CMS or with any content feed to merge and generate personalized videos with individualized content for each user video. Cut through the noise to connect with customers in the hyper-personalized way, and boost their engagement with the message.


Personalize the video

GoCAMPAIGN custom developed video templates are automatically filled with the right content for each customer, based on the customer data source mapped to the template. These data driven videos are dynamically created without any manual intervention that could slow down the process. The result you can deliver multiple personalized videos to thousands of users at one go, in just a few seconds!

Engage with user

Personalized messages which are user specific to their requirement, or specific to geographical locations, or product categories can be created and triggered which contributes towards better customer engagement, earning customer loyalty, and improved ROI.


Measure results

Get the best results from the automated just-in-time video rendering and auto-scaling built into the GoCAMPAIGN platform. Modify your campaign messages on the fly. Track campaign results using rich, real-time analytics on click-thru-rates, open rates, subscribe and unsubscribes. Take your marketing performance to the next level and outperform your goals.

Individualize your marketing campaigns with dynamic personalized videos. Let's talk on the next steps!

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