• Do you like the idea of this business and you are interested in starting the same business with a different name and in a different country?

  • Yes, we can offer you a website with your own domain, requested features and templates.

  • We will charge you a monthly fee or a percentage of income from your business. As we will manage the server and backend technology, you only need to manage the frontend of the business and marketing efforts.

  • All backend, functionalities and APIs will be provided and managed by us. You will have full control over what shows on your website and what needs to be offered to your customers. Moreover, you control the pricing and payment methods.

  • This can be a side business for you or a full time occupation. You can promote it in your country and cater audience in your own language.

  • Our major market focuses are the USA and India. If you are outside the USA or India, you have complete control over the sales of your country.

  • If you think managing a business is difficult for you, you can become an investor in our company and enjoy the growth benefits.

  • To become a reseller, email us at

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